Suggest a friend to your friends

A feature is similar to "Suggest a friend" feature found on Facebook.

Step 1: User clicks on ‘my friends’ link to display a page.

Step 2: On clicking the ‘arrow’ button, a pop up window is displayed.

The user will check mark the checkbox of the friend whom he wants to suggest user "A" to be their friend. The user can also select "All friends" checkbox to suggest that they add user"A" to their friend list.

Step 3: Creation of a block with the snippet to display the number of „Suggested friends‟ request received by the user.

Friend request received and Suggested friend request received count is kept separate.

Step 4: A suggestion to add a friend is received in a block.

Important parameter:
1. A user can suggest a friend to only his existing friends.
2. A user can also suggest a user (who is not his friend) to his existing friends.
3. If any of my friend(s) is already a friend of Terry, then that user shall not be shown on suggest a friend interface.
4. If all my friends are already connected with Terry then pop-up window should display the message “All your friends are already connected with this user”. The “send” button will become inactive.

Suggest a friend
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