Our unique approach to recruitment comes from our firsthand experience of putting together the right team at the beginning of a project to meet the project goals –we know because we’ve been there ourselves. So in response to existing clients asking if we knew where they could get good people for their projects we decided to create a recruitment division ourselves.

As a leading specialist open source solutions provider in the UAE, USA and Pakistan we work with the best people and have excellent networking strategies in place. This means we are confident we can find you candidates who will add real business value to your team; and we do this quickly, painlessly and cost-efficiently so that your business plans aren’t interrupted. The Drupal Networks team is made up of dynamic professionals from diverse backgrounds including IT, telecoms, financial services and sales and marketing and they all bring real world experience to the table. We know how the recruitment market works and we have streamlined our service so that we can target and identify the best candidates for our clients- and getting it right first time is our aim. We supply permanent staff, contract staff and entire project teams– including off shore solutions. Our particular areas of expertise include financial services, IT and telecoms and professional and consulting services.

How does the service work

  • Defining your requirement

    The key to our effectiveness is our approach to defining your requirement. This is where we gather all the information we need from you to ensure we deliver the best fit candidates. This information is used to create a job which is stored in our unique web-based application.

  • Finding the people

    We’re always looking for new ways to communicate with potential candidates that go beyond their CV. As well as job boards we maintain our own network of contacts and referrals, which provide a ready source of talent at a lower cost. We also keep tabs on specialist professional and social net-working sites and forums, where we’ve had success locating some of our more specialized candidates.

  • Application, screening, short listing and pre-interviews

    Candidates are guided through an online application process which is tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our application process is self-managing; it extracts and stores the most important information in a way that gives it context and relevance. We also add a screening functionality to this process that works by applying specific questions and then rating the key skills of the candidates. This establishes an even richer picture of each applicant’s merits and how they measure up against other candidates. The result of the application process is a ranked list of candidates, which we vet further before carrying out our own set of pre-interviews. Depending on the requirement, pre-interviews may include: reference, qualification and background checks, face to face interviews, and further Q&A with the candidate.

  • Delivering the candidates

    Once our pre-interviews are completed, you will receive an email from us with the shortlisted candidate’s details or a link to your personalized online ‘dashboard’ where the short-listed candidate profiles can be viewed. This dashboard will show you a summary of candidates, you can drill down to reveal each candidate’s particular skills, experience and skill ranking, in order to benchmark against other candidates. You’ll also find a summary of the key strengths of this candidate written by your account manager. You will have complete peace of mind that the candidates you see face to face are of the highest possible caliber and the best fit for your role.

Our customised service is also flexible and scalable

We customize our services to fit your needs and budget, using a combination of clever time-saving technology, expert knowledge and extensive networks. This ensures a simplified process for you and keeps costs to a minimum. Our success is built on our ability to connect with our customers and to understand what makes each business unique. Adding recruitment to complement our other services was a natural progression and is proving to be a much appreciated addition with many satisfied clients now on board.

For all your staffing requirements, please contact the Drupal Networks recruitment team. We look forward to talking to you.
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