ICE-Business is clean, simple, elegant, and beautiful theme for Drupal 6.x and Drupal 7.x This theme includes an image slideshow or photo slideshow feature on standard installation.

ICE-Business is very suitable for all types of websites; from corporate site to blog site, and it works perfectly in every browser; tested in IE7/8/9, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

ICE-Businessis a 2 column, tableless layout theme with an image banner and a "top-3d" primary-links system.

Here you can try a live demo

Features of ICE-Business 6.x and 7.x

  • Flexible 2 column system with 8 extra collapsible regions
  • Built-in 3D dropdown menu per Primary links
  • Function with legacy browsers, e.g. Firefox 4/5/6/7/8, IE 7/8/9, Chrome 9/10, Safari 3/4/5 and Opera 9/10
  • Built-in IE transparent PNG fix
  • Better css organization to improve theme customization
  • 1 or 2 column layout
  • Tableless design for SEO
  • 16 collapsible block regions
  • Integrated Nice menu drop-down menu CSS (2, 3 or more nested levels).
  • Custom front page
  • Supports custom logo and favicon
  • Support features like site name, slogan, mission.
  • Custom theme for login Box
  • Custom theme for search Box
  • Heading optimization for SEO
  • Integrated rotating banners CSS  based on Jquery Cycle Plugin

ICE-Business use:

Installation instructions for D7:

The ICE-Business 7.x-2.x branch is developed as standalone theme.


Version 7.x

Integrated rotating banners CSS  based on Jquery Cycle Plugin

To configure image slider, follow the below steps 1- goto admin/appearance/settings/icebusiness 2- enable Slider Images checkbox 3- upload you slider images size: 914x290

Installation instructions for D6:

The ICE-Business 6.x branch is developed as a subtheme of Zen.

Before you enable this theme, you must have the Zen theme 6.x installed in the same theme directory.


Version 6.x-3.1

Integrated rotating banners CSS  based on Jquery Cycle Plugin


Designed and developed By

Drupal Networks

In case you're wondering about Drupal Networks it's a Drupal distribution, provides professional website design, development and maintenance services.

See for more information.

Drupal Networks is a division of YAS Global.



Please always backup your old modified theme files before upgrading to newer version.

Note: Please clearing the cached data under performance settings after installing / upgrading to the latest version.

ICE-Business Free Drupal Theme
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Designed and developed By Drupal Networks is a division of YAS Global.