Drupal Troubleshooting

How does the Drupal troubleshooting service works?


How does the troubleshooting service work?

Our service works in two stages.

Stage One: Our experts audit your system, investigate the problems you are reporting and determine the root causes. We let you know exactly what the problems are. We can then hand things back to your own developers or agency to resolve the issues.

Stage Two: Or, if you prefer, our own team of expert developers will implement all the changes raised in the report we provided, getting your site back on track and delivering its full business value, quickly and without fuss. You can review the list of issues initially reported and check that we have solved them, fully. The job for us is not done until you are happy, and that is why our work is guaranteed at a fixed price that we agree with you.

Drupal upgrades

We have considerable experience of upgrading client systems to more current versions of Drupal. We are happy to review your current deployment and provide you with an honest evaluation of whether a version upgrade makes good business sense for you and also if there are any more cost effective alternatives.


We are committed to quality. If we couldn't deliver a high quality service to you, our business simply wouldn't work. So we impose comprehensive quality standards to everything we do. Different clients have different business drivers, and we tailor the way we manage quality for you based on the priorities you define.


We have extensive experience of building and supporting high traffic websites where maximum availability and high performance are mission critical to clients. Our expertise in designing and implementing hardware and software environments to support very large enterprise sites is well known throughout the Drupal community. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining excellent collaborative relationships with clients. We go the extra mile to ensure they feel we are much more than just suppliers working at arms length.

We're sure you could find companies to quote lower prices than us. But we believe that in terms of value for money, we will not be beaten. Our entire business is structured to ensure that we keep costs down wherever possible, while ensuring that the quality of work we do and the level of service we deliver to you is never compromised.


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