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A feature is similar to "Suggest a friend" feature found on Facebook.

Step 1: User clicks on ‘my friends’ link to display a page.

Step 2: On clicking the ‘arrow’ button, a pop up window is displayed.

The user will check mark the checkbox of the friend whom he wants to suggest user "A" to be their friend. The user can also select "All friends" checkbox to suggest that they add user"A" to their friend list.

Step 3: Creation of a block with the snippet to display the number of „Suggested friends‟ request received by the user.

ICE-Business is clean, simple, elegant, and beautiful theme for Drupal 6.x and Drupal 7.x This theme includes an image slideshow or photo slideshow feature on standard installation.

ICE-Business is very suitable for all types of websites; from corporate site to blog site, and it works perfectly in every browser; tested in IE7/8/9, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

ICE-Businessis a 2 column, tableless layout theme with an image banner and a "top-3d" primary-links system.

ICE-Blue is a 2, 3 column, tableless layout theme with an image/text banner and a top primary-links system. Here you can try a live demo

The D6 branch is developed as a subtheme of Zen.

1. Caching - The various caching tools enable Drupal to perform nearly as fast as static HTML

2. Community - Lots of IRC participation, local user groups, positive leadership

3. No forking - The community hasn't yet reached the point where a schism caused forking.

4. Central module repository - This has meant that all projects are supported in similar ways (version control, issue queues, etc) and that they are GPL compliant. Also, this adds exposure for the modules and they get vetted by the community.

Somewhere Dries said that Drupal powers more than 1% of the Web. Most of these sites are probably small business Web sites with moderately basic needs. One of the great things about Drupal is that you can be a blog today, and with a few new modules, you can be a full eCommerce solution tomorrow.

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